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ACHR News (Booth # 13)
The ACHR NEWS is the HVACR contractor’s weekly newsmagazine. The NEWS assists the decision-makers from all branches of the air conditioning, heating, and refrigeration industry (residential, commercial, and industrial). In addition to contractors, these include manufacturers, distributors, parts and supply wholesalers, and service companies and their administrative, sales, engineering, production, and installation departments.

Agreenability (Booth # 44)
Agreenability is the company behind the new TWISTER heat exchanger technology. TWISTER is a revolutionary heat exchanger for vertical closed loop applications. Twister is easy to install, has a robust grouting method, utilizing a central tremie conduit, and reduces drilling by an average of 30%, resulting in significant savings.

AWEB Supply (Booth # 51)
AWEB Supply is a geothermal supply distributor in business since 1984 solely dedicated to the geothermal industry. AWEB is responsible for the manufacture and distributing of the Slim Jim® Geo Lake Plate® heat exchangers – “The Pond Loop in a Package” - making pond loops “as simple as it gets”! WaterFurnace Residential Distributor & Commercial Factory Representative for South Louisiana and portions of Southeast Texas.

Bard Manufacturing Company (Booth # 61)
Bard Manufacturing Company is a 4th generation family owned business founded in 1914 in Bryan, Ohio with additional manufacturing facilities located in Madison, Georgia and Saltillo, Mexico. Bard Manufacturing Company produces heating and cooling products for the telecommunications, modular, school, light commercial, and residential markets. The Bard GeoTec Geothermal Heat Pump is ideal for residential and light commercial applications. Suitable for open or closed loop applications, the GeoTec is available in 2 – 6 ton capacities.

Baroid Industrial Drilling Products (Booth # 22)
Baroid IDP is an international network of sales and service engineers, laboratory scientists, and support personnel dedicated to servicing all facets of the non-oil well drilling industries. Baroid IDP supplies a comprehensive line of drilling, grouting, plugging, abandonment, and well rehabilitation / development products engineered to optimize performance and costs. Please visit our website for more information on our products – www.baroididp.com.

bosch logo
BOSCH Thermotechnology Ltd.
(Booth # A)
Bosch specializes in efficient green heating and cooling applications for Bosch residential and FHP commercial water source and geothermal heat pumps. Bosch offers a complete suite of products for HVAC professionals including condensing tankless water heaters, heat pump water heaters, gas-fired condensing boilers, and solar thermal systems.  Professionals please visit: BoschWayToGrow.com. To learn more about Bosch/FHP products please visit bosch-climate.us or fhp-mfg.com.

Centennial Plastics (Booth # 60)
At Centennial Plastics, geothermal pipe is a major product category and we are dedicated to doing everything possible to ensure total customer satisfaction. Through understanding, knowledge and commitment, Centennial Plastics has become a leading supplier to the Geothermal Exchange industry.

CETCO Drilling Products (Booth # 65)
Offering the widest assortment of high quality bentonite drilling fluids, grouts, sealants, polymers, and additives, CETCO can help maximize your drilling efficiency and meet your needs in the field. With the industry’s best on-site engineering, research & development and advanced technical support, CETCO is committed to ensuring success in any drilling project.

ChemGrout (Booth # 59)
ChemGrout has expanded its Geothermal Series with the CG500/031. These high-capacity grout plants offer higher pressures and outputs, increasing productivity for the installation of energy efficient geothermal loops. Twin 70-gallon mix tanks and a patented single action piston pump provide outputs of up to 550 psi and 16 gpm. The ChemGrout Geothermal Series offers reliability and durability, and is quickly becoming an industry standard for geothermal professionals.

Daikin McQuay (Booth # 41)
Daikin McQuay delivers engineered, flexible solutions for your commercial, industrial and institutional HVAC requirements with reliable product, knowledgeable applications expertise and responsive support. For more information, call (800) 432-1342 or visit our website, www.DaikinMcQuay.com.

Decagon Devices, Inc. (Booth # 57)
Do you know the thermal conductivity of your grout and soil? Decagon Devices has been measuring the thermal properties of natural and engineered materials for over 30 years—we even measured the soil on Mars! Our KD2 Pro Thermal Properties Analyzer easily and accurately measures the thermal conductivity of geothermal grout and soil. Stop by our booth to see for yourself.

Dow Chemical Company (Dow) (Booth # 18)
For more than 50 years, The Dow Chemical Company (Dow) has been a leader in the development and supply of specialty inhibited glycol-based low temperature heat transfer fluids, such as DOWFROST(tm) GEO 20, specially formulated to provide heat transfer efficiency and reliable system protection in closed-loop, water-based systems where they are used to depress the freeze point of water and as a safeguard against freeze and corrosion damage.

Drill Max (Booth # 81)
Manufacturer of geothermal and water well drilling equipment.  Offer a full range of models that are capable of drilling 2" up to 30" cased wells by mud rotary, air rotary or DTH.  For geothermal contractors we offer a package of options designed to have all your drilling needs mounted on one truck.  Call Drillmax for all your drilling rig needs.

Drilling World (Booth # 46)
Drilling World has been in business for 21 years. We started our business with a commitment to customer satisfaction. Our corporate name is Drilling & Trenching Supply, Inc. We are currently doing business as (DBA) Drilling World.  We have expanded our great customer care staff and will continue to improve our business by listening to our customer needs. Our goal is making your business successful by providing you with the best quality tools. We look forward to working with you.

Dura-Line (Booth # 71)
Dura-Line is a US based, ISO-9001 rated manufacturer of HDPE pipe and conduits serving many industries. We take pride in manufacturing state-of-the-art quality products including GeoGuard™ Geothermal pipe. GeoGuard delivers in parallel coils with u-bends factory installed and tested. Made from HDPE, GeoGuard has excellent chemical resistance, is light weight yet tough, and ideally suited for geothermal installations.

Enertech Global (Booth # 9-10)
Enertech Global is a leading manufacturer and visionary in the geothermal heating and cooling industry. With corporate headquarters in Greenville, IL, and production facilities in Mitchell, SD, Enertech Global’s award winning products are proudly made in the heart of America and are distributed throughout the United States and Canada. The company’s product lines consist of GeoComfort®, Hydron Module®, and TETCO® brands. For more information, visit online at http://www.enertechgeo.com.

Ewbank Geo Testing, L.L.C. (Booth # 47)
Ewbank Geo Testing, L.L.C., (formerly Ewbank and Associates, L.L.C.), pioneered, in 1994, the direct measurements of the thermal properties of the earth for the ground source industry. Ewbank test providers have the longest experience in the industry and offer services such as drilling, design, a full range of measurement and verification. The Ewbank team holds certifications as Energy Managers (CEM), Carbon Reduction and Auditing (CRM), Energy Auditing (CEA), Business Energy Professional (CBEP), and Sustainable Development Professional (CSDP). Also, Ewbank provides IGSHPA training.

Fecon, Inc. (Island # D)
Fecon is a pioneer in construction equipment for renewable energy. As a market leader they launched a time and cost saving drilling equipment solution for seismic and geothermal drilling. They also manufacture forestry track carriers, forestry mulching attachments (Bull Hog), general forestry attachments for vegetation management and wood to energy biomass industries.

Flow Center Products, Inc. (Booth # 16)
Flow Center Products manufacturers Geothermal Loop Pump Modules. We offer the widest variety of loop pump modules to fit your particular need, including our top selling variable speed, ECM WILO pumps. Our systems are designed for a pressurized loop to give you the most efficiency from your geothermal installation. Contact us for more information. www.flowcenterproducts.com.

GEFCO (Booth # 52)
GEFCO is a world leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of a complete line of portable drilling rigs and related equipment for the waterwell, environmental groundwater monitoring, construction, mining and shallow oil exploration and production industries. GEFCO manufactures SpeedStar, Failing and King Oil Tools drilling rigs and drilling equipment.

GeoCube (Booth # 24)
Precision Geothermal, LLC provides the geothermal industry with first-in-class TC testing and data analysis tools.  Our GeoCube™ Thermal Conductivity Test equipment empowers geothermal professionals with solutions for accurate, affordable and fast thermal conductivity data analysis.  Our core competencies include hardware design / manufacturing, software development,  and all aspects of geothermal design and installation. 

GeoEnergy Alternatives (Booth # 64)
GeoEnergy Alternatives manufactures a thermally enhanced, one bag grout for closed-loop GHX boreholes. GA-Xtra™ is easy to use, provides a TC (k) of 1.0 without silica or other additives, resists bridging and clogging of lines, does not shrink in dry conditions, and is suitable for use in saline environments. In addition, low water consumption rates and high recycled content help the certification-conscious contractor achieve LEED goals

Geo-Enterprises (Booth # 12)
Complete material supplier and contract services provider headed by former IGSHPA Chairman Phillip Schoen, Geo-Enterprises specializes in energy field modeling, field pipe design, thermal conductivity testing and loop field fabrication and construction. Products include FHP heat pumps, custom in-ground vaults, fusion equipment, and HDPE and Rehau PexA piping and fittings.

Geo-Flo (Booth # 19-20)
Geo-Flo Products Corporation is the industry-leading manufacturer of flow centers for residential and commercial geothermal applications, as well as a complete supplier of pipe, fittings, and accessories for geothermal and hydronic applications. Founded in 1988, Geo-Flo has focused on solutions that create more reliable, easier to install, and more efficient products.

GeoMaster, LLC/ GeoExcel (Booth # B)
GeoMaster, LLC is a geothermal heat pump private brand marketer. Our GeoExcel products are proudly manufactured in the U.S.A. under strict quality control guidelines. GeoExcel products are safety listed by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. (UL) and performance certified by the Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Institute (ARI).

GeoPro, Inc. (Booth #43)
GeoPro is the original developer and distributor of thermally-enhanced bentonite-base grouting materials for GeoExchange applications.  When considering thermally-enhanced grouts, GeoPro has more experience and more successful installations than any other supplier with their Thermal Grout products.  Let GeoPro show you how to build a bridge to an infinite energy source.

Georg Fischer Central Plastics (Booth #56)
Georg Fischer Central Plastics is recognized worldwide as the complete “go to” piping system connection source. We have been providing dependable connections for metal and plastic piping systems for over fifty years. Our Geothermal product line includes revolutionary new products and the most complete range of proven traditional products. 1-800-654-3872

Geothermal Supply Company (Booth #6)
Geothermal Supply Company offers a wide variety of geothermal products. We supply a wide range of products including polyethylene pipe, prefabricated vaults and pump stations. We design and manufacture many of our products ourselves to ensure the highest of quality and customer satisfaction. Our goal is to provide the geothermal industry with quality components necessary for proper geothermal installation and operation.

Geothermal Resource Technologies, Inc. (GRTI) (Booth #42)
GRTI provides thermal conductivity testing for both geological formations as well as site collected grout samples (from any manufacturer).  We offer engineering design assistance for the ground loop heat exchanger. With thousands of tests completed throughout the world, let GRTI become your testing partner.

GeoThermal Tools (Booth #58)
GeoThermal Tools, Inc. is a supplier of socket fusion tools and accessories, located in New Jersey, addressing the needs of the geothermal industry.   The company’s fusion equipment, branded PipeFuser, affords the user an optimum quality/price/functionality combination, most appreciated by newcomers to the field.  Further information can be obtained at www.pipefuser.com. 973-810-5423

Ground Loop Design (Booth #25)
Thermal Dynamics, Inc. (TDI) is the international distributor for Ground Loop Design™ software, the world’s leading commercial GHX design tool.  In addition to great design tools, TDI also provides engineers and designers with advanced geothermal training opportunities.  With over 20 years of geothermal experience, Thermal Dynamics can provide the tools, information and solutions you need to produce successful, cost effective ground source systems.

Grundfos (Booth #54)
Grundfos is a leading global manufacturer that develops state-of-the-art, energy efficient hydronic system and chilled water circulators; centrifugal and submersible pumps for residential,industrial, and agricultural uses; environmental sampling and dosing pumps; sump, sewage and effluent pumps.  For more on Grundfos Pumps Corporation, please visit www.grundfos.us.

Hot Water Products (Booth #48)
Hot Water Products manufactures the Boiler Buddy® buffer tank--a factory insulated and jacketed steel storage tank made and assembled in the USA. The Boiler Buddy® is an excellent buffer tank for geothermal systems. We also specialize in solar thermal systems and energy efficient hydronic heating products.

Houghton Chemical Co. (Booth #53)
Houghton Chemical Corporation is a family owned distributor and manufacturer headquartered in Boston. Our popular inhibited ethyl alcohol product, GeoSafe, is utilized in all geothermal applications. We also offer inhibited propylene and ethylene glycol heat transfer fluids (SAFE T THERM & WINTREX). This product line includes SAFE T THERM Green, a renewable, bio-based inhibited propylene glycol and SAFE T THERM ‘AL’ specially formulated for aluminum boilers. In addition, we are a national distributor of Specialty Water Treatment Products.

International Pipe (Booth #17)
International pipe is a family owned Canadian manufacturer of high quality polyethylene piping based out of Selkirk, Manitoba.
At International Pipe we are continually striving to meet the demands of todays market. Through innovation, quality and versatility we are known to be one of the most technically advanced in the geothermal industry.
We take pride in exceeding customers’ expectations by offering value added services such as distributing fusion fittings, equipment and in-house training.

ISCO Industries, LLC (Booth #1)
ISCO is the nation’s leading supplier of HDPE pipe, fittings, fusion equipment and ‘know-how’ for all your geothermal projects – on any scale. ISCO can assist you whether you’re an engineer, public utility, installer, contractor, homeowner or business owner.  We regularly work with engineers, installers and contractors in the development of reliable, effective geothermal systems for commercial and residential use.  1-800-345-ISCO


Laibe Corporation (Booth #30)
Laibe Corp manufactures the Versa-Drill line of geo-thermal, water well, environmental and shallow gas drilling rigs.  Versa-Drills have earned a reputation for being a lightweight, compact truck and track mounted drilling rig with the most effective customer service in the industry. Laibe Corp has been very innovative from the industry leader in “Automated Rod Handling” to designing and manufacturing drilling rigs to meet the evolving needs of the industries.

Major Geothermal (Booth #31)
On-site support for installation contractors * IGSHPA installer accreditation * Residential & commercial load calculations, GSHP specification, ground heat exchanger design, peer review, consulting, installation quality control * Vertical and horizontal thermal conductivity testing * Functional performance testing * Forensic evaluation, troubleshooting * Owner’s representative * Commercial ground loop design training * Enviro plates

Mammoth, Inc. (Booth #23)
Mammoth, Inc. is among the original suppliers of water source heat pumps and remains at the forefront of expertise, offering high efficiency, quiet operation, IAQ features and quality construction. Mammoth’s complete line includes horizontal, vertical, water-to-water and make-up air units from ½ to 70 tons for commercial applications.

MEP Associates, LLC (Booth #82)
MEP Associates, LLC is a progressive consulting and engineering firm focused on innovative solutions for sustainable, energy efficient systems and complex projects nationwide. We specialize in the analysis and design of GeoExchange and hybrid HVAC systems for single facilities and large campus / district energy networks. *Certified IGSHPA GeoExchange Designer*

McElroy Manufacturing (Booth #11) 
Founded in 1954, McElroy Manufacturing has grown to be the industry leader in the science of joining thermoplastic piping, offering the world’s most reliable, technically advanced, and productive pipe fusion equipment. McElroy was one of the 10 founding charter members of IGSHPA. For additional information, visit McElroy online at www.mcelroy.com/fusion.

Mitsubishi Electric Cooling & Heating (Booth #77) 
For more than 90 years, Mitsubishi Electric has made changes for the better through its energy-efficient products and technologies. These include high-definition televisions and monitors, projectors, factory automation equipment, automotive equipment, escalators, elevators, heating and cooling products, large-scale video displays for stadiums and arenas, solar panels and electric utility products.

Modine Manufacturing (Booth #21) 
Modine has been a trusted name for commercial, industrial and residential heating, ventilating and a/c solutions for nearly a century. Hundreds of thousands of products bear the Modine badge across North America along with other popular Modine brands such as the Hot Dawg® and Effinty93® unit heaters, and the Atherion® packaged ventilation system. Modine is also well versed in geothermal, building classroom geothermal systems for schools the past 15 years.
The company continues to move geothermal technology forward with the Geofinity line, giving end users a well-grounded solution

MudPuppy International (Booth #49) 
Twenty four years ago Tibban MFG became a reality. Creating and manufacturing outstanding products like the MudPuppy, Sandguzzler, MudPumps, and more. Once started in a two car garage the company has grown, sells and ships its products worldwide. Today Tibban continues to innovate and create quality products for the drilling & mining industry.

North American Technician Excellence (NATE) is the nation’s largest non-profit certification organization for HVACR technicians, developed and supported by the entire HVACR industry. To date, over 30,000 technicians hold NATE installation, service, or senior certifications in 11 specialties, including a Ground Source Heat Pump Installer certification in partnership with IGSHPA.

national driller logo
National DRILLER
(Booth #72)

National DRILLER is a global trade magazine/website serving the construction drilling industry for almost 30 years. Its mission is to provide superior information to drilling contractors that helps them in their work and profession.

NGWA (Booth #62) 
The National Ground Water Association is the premier organization for anyone affiliated with the groundwater industry. A nonprofit organization, NGWA is composed of U.S. and international groundwater professionals — contractors, scientists and engineers, equipment manufacturers, and suppliers. Our purpose is to provide guidance to members, government representatives, and the public for sound scientific, economic, and beneficial development, protection, and management of the world's groundwater resources.

OK Dept. of Career Tech (Booth #7) 
The Oklahoma Department of CareerTech provides leadership, resources, and assures standards of excellence for a comprehensive statewide system of career and technology education that includes programs in HVAC. Our HVAC instructors are Accredited Installers and include GSHP knowledge and skills in their programs to full-time and evening students.


Sound Geothermal Corp. (Booth #55) 
Sound Geothermal is an innovative design and supply group focusing on various energy saving building technologies primarily utilizing GeoExchange and hybrid systems. We specialize in assessing the thermal resources of a site and utilizing those resources to design innovative and cost effective ground-coupled HVAC systems for residential and/or commercial applications.

Spectrum Manufacturing (Booth #75 - 76) 
Spectrum Manufacturing LLC is a manufacturer of high quality geothermal heat pumps. Our goal is to provide the installer and homeowner with the best product in the industry. To accomplish this we have built our heat pumps for ease of installation and serviceability. Spectrum Manufacturing markets through Factory Representatives. We do not concentrate on large volumes and selling to anyone possible. Instead, our experienced factory Reps are looking for qualified dealers/installers with honesty and integrity. We believe that this is one of the most important steps in insuring that our customers are satisfied, and that their heating and cooling system will last longer than any other in the industry. Installation of your geothermal system is just as important as the quality of the product. www.spectrummanufacturing.net

Thermal Battery Systems, Inc (Booth #8) 
Thermal Battery Systems Inc, provides products and develops methods for systems integration. Hybrid renewable energy systems and multi-source multi-sink applications no longer need to be one-off inventions. We are committed to developing methods and identifying products that make hybrid applications tangible options for the renewable energy industry.

Terra-Therm (Booth #73-74) 
TTHERM GEO offers a full line of residential geothermal heat pumps with forced air models in single and two stage configurations as well as split systems and hydronic units from 3-12 tons. In addition to being EnergyStar rated the line features cold climate design (high heating capacities) ultra quite design and a lifetime guaranteed stainless steel cabinet.

Unimin (Booth #63)
Unimin Corporation manufactures GRANUSIL® silica sands for grouting applications. High purity silica sands such as GRANUSIL® help to maximize grout conductivity and thermal exchange. GRANUSIL® is available washed, dried and prepackaged or in bulk. A reliable customer service and national distribution network makes it the right choice for all your geothermal grouting applications.

Uponor Infra LTD (Booth #14-15)
Uponor Infra Ltd is the manufacturer of Geothermal Vaults, Fabricated Headers and HDPE Pipe. Our products are custom manufactured toward your project’s design requirements. For more information on our products contact us at 1-866-594-7473 or via email at geothermal@kwhpipe.ca

Versaprofiles (Booth #26)
Versaprofiles Inc. (formerly IPL Extrusion) is specialized in the manufacturing of high quality and innovative piping systems for geothermal applications.  Our team is dedicated to finding solutions that will increase the energy efficiency of ground coupled heat pump systems, thus reducing their cost of installation and operation.  We are the inventors and sole manufacturers of the Geoperformx pipe, the first HDPE pipe with increased thermal conductivity; a product that is unique in the world.  This product will help the heat pump to gain at least 20% in efficiency.  We also offer PE3608 and PE47100 HDPE loops and pipe, from 3/4" to 8 inch, with GEO printline, and third party certified to meet all IGHSPA and NSF 14/61 piping specifications.

Watts Water Tech. (Booth #45)
Watts is part of the Watts Water Technologies family, with operations in North America, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia. Watts designs, manufactures and sells an extensive line of flow control products for the water quality, residential plumbing & heating, commercial and OEM markets. Visit www.watts.com for more information.

world wide drilling resource logo
Worldwide Drilling Resource®
(Booth #80)

Worldwide Drilling Resource® is a unique magazine for the drilling industry covering all facets thereof in an easy-to-read format, which has been readily accepted across the globe by the experienced, seasoned drilling professionals to the driller’s helper. Subscriptions are FREE and distributed worldwide monthly. Each issue is also featured at www.worldwidedrillingresource.com. The WWDR Team, readily identified in their red jackets, promises Solid Gold Service ~ with a smile!™.

Wyo-Ben, Inc. (Booth #50)
Wyo-Ben, Inc. is major producer of drilling fluids and grouting products used in the geothermal industry.  Our field tested products are readily available thru our north American distribution network.  Technical field assistance is also available by contacting our corporate office in Billings, MT.