IGSHPA 2.0 Update

Updated July 11, 2014

IGSHPA received the summit design document from Glenn Tecker in mid-June. The document was sent to the summit attendees (design team) for a review to make sure what was stated in the document was what the group agreed upon and meant during the retreat. The document included a program strategy of IGSHPA core purpose and values; IGSHPA mission; a big audacious goal; and long range goals, objectives and strategies. Also an operational strategy with a governance model, program model, membership model, and finance model were presented to the group based on a group consensus of the best design model. The design team was given the chance to make changes and ask clarifying questions about the document. Once comments were received from the attendees, IGSHPA staff combined the comments into one document and the document was sent to Glenn Tecker.

Whatís next?

Glenn Tecker will write the draft bylaws for IGSHPA over the next few weeks from the document that has been agreed upon by the design team. The bylaws will then be sent back to the design team for a thorough review and adoption of the bylaws. We will continue to update you in the coming months about the progress of IGSHPA 2.0 and an update will be made during the 2014 conference about where IGSHPA is headed.

Organizational Design Summit

May 14 - 16, 2014

Hyatt Regency, Tulsa, OK

Updated June 9, 2014

IGSHPA 2.0 May meeting Power Point

IGSHPA Advisory Council Members, committee chairs, staff and others in the GSHP industry met in Tulsa, Oklahoma, May 14-16 for an organizational design summit facilitated by Glenn Tecker. This is a work in progress and more details will be available during the annual technical conference. Those participating in the summit were

  • Trey Austin-Geo-Energy Services
  • Randy Chambers-OG&E
  • Jeromy Cotten-Tennessee Valley Authority
  • Jack DiEnna-Geothermal National & International Initiative
  • Garen Ewbank-Ewbank Geo Testing, LLC
  • Dan Fisher-Oklahoma State University
  • Abhishek Ghale-IGSHPA
  • Dean Grunseth-Mammoth Inc.
  • Jack Henrich-Bergerson-Caswell, Inc.
  • Bob Ingersoll-IGSHPA
  • Ed Kirtley, OSU
  • Ed Lohrenz-GEOptimize, Inc.
  • Kevin McCray-National Groundwater Association
  • Lisa Meline-Meline Engineering Corp.
  • Mark Metzner-CSA Group, Inc.
  • Howard Newton-Mammoth, Inc.
  • Erin Portman-IGSHPA
  • Terry Proffer-Major Geothermal, Inc.
  • Roshan Revankar-IGSHPA
  • Phil Schoen-Geo-Enterprises, Inc.
  • Allan Skouby-Geothermal Resource Technologies, Inc.
  • Chris Smith-Bosch Thermotechnology
  • Ted Striplin-McElroy Manufacturing, Inc.
  • John Turley-Middleton Geothermal Services
  • Brian Urlaub-Enertech Global, LLC

Event Summary:
The leadership of IGSHPA has been hearing from you, our members, during the last few months. A reoccurring theme came up about the direction of IGSHPA and how members fit into the mix. In a way, you felt you had lost your voice in what is a membersí association. IGSHPA and Oklahoma State University leadership listened and felt it was best to invite key stakeholders representing various sectors of IGSHPA together to start work on an organizational design summit- IGSHPA 2.0 as some will call it. A three day meeting, facilitated by Glenn Tecker of Tecker International, was decided on and key stakeholders were brought to Tulsa to discuss the history of IGSHPA, the geothermal market trends and conditions, and the direction IGSHPA needed to go to be the best association it can be for the membership. Key topics discussed were core ideaology of the mission and values, goals of the organization moving forward, strategic objectives and strategies to reach the objectives. Summit attendees worked in small groups to design infrastructure models for the membership, governance, program, workforce and finance. Each small groupís model was presented to the overall group and a consensus among the overall group was formed on how the infrastructure will be designed. The summit was a general overview and the details of the infrastructure will be set by stakeholder work groups.

Where do we go from here?
The meeting in Tulsa was the beginning to design IGSHPA 2.0. The flipcharts from the small groups and the overall infrastructure consensus are in the hands of Glenn Tecker. Once IGSHPA receives the synopsis of the summit from Glenn, work on the details will continue with the people who were involved in the summit. As new updates are available, this page will be updated with information to keep the membership informed of the changes at IGSHPA. We want to assure you that this is your association and the people involved in the summit are looking out for your best interest. An update will be made during conference to keep you informed of the progress at IGSHPA 2.0.